Professional Investing

“Investment is most intelligent when it is businesslike” Benjamin Graham.

Kingfisher is a fundamental value investor. Our approach and structure is designed to be clearly understood by our clients. 

We revisit overall structure and strategy regularly to ensure it is tailored to our client's objectives:

Kingfisher ensures when structuring a clients share portfolio:

  • The desirability of diversifying client investments;
  • The nature of risk associated with investment;
  • The need to maintain the capital of the investment;
  • The risk of capital or income loss or depreciation;
  • The potential for capital appreciation;
  • The likely income that may be derived;
  • The liquidity and marketability of the proposed investment;
  • The aggregate value of the corpus;
  • The effect of investment on tax liabilities;
  • The likelihood of inflation and its effect;
  • The cost of investment.

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